Ms Americana vs The Cat Burglar

Ms Americana: The Cat Burglar      Photography by KY      Starring Greta & Sharon      Text by Mr-X
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"OOOO! You can't even IMAGINE what kind of trouble you're in lady!"

Ms. Americana blares in anger.

"O-contraire my dear… it is you that is in trouble." The minx replies pulling off her mask and revealing her own gorgeous face.

Ms. Americana is taken back by the woman's beauty and some deep down urge causes her to grow slightly excited.

"Let's face it honey, you wouldn't walk around in that skimpy, skin tight outfit if you didn't want some special attention now would you?"


"…and I can give you that attention…"


Ms. Americana shudders in horror.


"but now… let's see how you like MY breasts…"

"NGGH! NO! What in God's name are you doing…!!"

"DON'T STRUGGLE! Or I will chloroform you AGAIN! Now suck my nipple SLUT!"

The minx's ample breast is forced into Ms. Americana's mouth. The heroine whimpers as she is forced to suck the villainess's nipples,

first one,…

…then the other…

"Now princess, that wasn't so bad… you have such a magical mouth." The cat burglar mused after ten minutes of nipple sucking.

"UUGH! How DARE YOU! Sexual assault is a serious crime… but I'll look the other way if you release me now and come to jail."

"You're kidding… right?" the minx scoffed.

"No, I'm not. You're ill. I can get you help. You don't need to do this!" Ms. Americana preached.

"Sure sunshine, but I'm wondering if these babies have ever been milked dry? I bet you'd like that wouldn't you?" the villainess laughed groping Ms Americana's huge tits once more.


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